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Are you interested in innovative technologies, or are you one of the really smart people on this planet? Then sign up for the GoodIP TechFight, where the latest technologies from startups, universities, inventors and big companies compete against each other and fight the battle of their lives! After the exchange of blows, you will learn more about inventions, patents and real innovations in our workshop. And yes, you can make tech trends happen: help to find commercial applications for your favorite technology!

Finding great supporters

Finding supporters, people with an understanding of technology and a craziness for mind blowing ideas are hard to come by.

Talking about great innovations

We give Techies, Business Students and Coders the chance to learn, to collaborate and to track down the next big thing.

Apply with your technology

Battle as a startup, company, inventor or university and get powerful insights on your technology!

Special treat for inventions

And as a special treat, we will take your invention and give it a new home on our platform: To be reviewed, to be seen, to be talked about and to be found by buyers or licensees! Because we believe in every brilliant idea.

We work with universities, companies and innovation hubs to give outstanding ideas a chance to become an innovation, which excites people and gives developers and companies the credit they deserve. Apply with your invention for our Workshop and we will get the experts together, review your patent, find possible use cases and evaluate if the technology is ready for implementation.

Past TechFights

07.04.2018 - Fluxunit – OSRAM Ventures MeetUp
14.05.2018 - Munich University of Applied Sciences
23.05.2018 - Humboldt University Berlin
03.07.2018 - Bayreuth University
06.07.2018 - Technial University Dresden
09.07.2018 - Passau University
06.11.2018 - Zollhof Nuremberg MeetUp
19.11.2018 - University Erlangen-Nuremberg
20.11.2018 - Munich University of Applied Sciences

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