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Lighting - OSRAM US9677719 Light-emitting device and illuminating apparatus comprising the light-emitting device OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-27
Lighting - OSRAM US9883560 Controller for a phase cut dimmable LED driver OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-26
Lighting - OSRAM US8456099 Method for operating a gas discharge lamp OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-26
Components - OSRAM US9119299 Printed circuit board with vibration-generating electronic component 2018-04-30
New Tech - OSRAM US8901857 Wireless supplyable lighting module 2018-04-30
Sensors - FU Berlin WO2016078788A1 A method and a feedback system for the assessment of motions of a versatile system Freie Universität Berlin 2018-03-12
Transmissions - Möve US20170320538A1 Transmission Möve Bikes GmbH 2018-03-12
Components - OSRAM EP2238601 Inductor and method for production of an inductor core unit for an inductor 2018-03-06
New Tech - OSRAM EP2020102 Method and arrangement for transmission of data with at least two radiation sources 2018-03-06
Shield - Thienert DE202016006287U1 NiFe Shield Boris Thienert 2018-01-07
Lighting - OSRAM US9338845 LED arrangement OSRAM GmbH 2017-11-18
Lighting - OSRAM US9086193 Lighting device having optical element carrying electrical contacts OSRAM GmbH 2017-11-15
Lighting - OSRAM US9029881 LED module OSRAM GmbH 2017-11-15
Lighting - OSRAM EP2792213 Circuit and method for the operation of an LED string supplied with alternating voltage OSRAM GmbH 2017-11-15