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NiFe Shield




Boris Thienert

Filing Date

October 08, 2016

Priority Date

October 08, 2016


Shield - Thienert


An aspect of this invention is to save weight for low frequency shields, especially when it comes to large "Zero gauss chambers”, where the lid could be only made from expensive 5 mm NiFe material. With this shape, manufacturers can use much thinner, lighter and cheaper gauges and achieve the same or an even better shielding factor. Almost any kind of magnetic shield which needs a bottom and/or a lid could use this technology. As shields are used in e.g., satellite navigation systems, the smaller weight may have quite a big influence where weight is critical.


1. English translation: Theoretically the construction can reduce the so-called end-effects due to the mixture of the material directions (parallel ...

English translation: Theoretically the construction can reduce the so-called end-effects due to the mixture of the material directions (parallel and perpendicular). The claim is characterized in that metal, which is used as a shield in the low frequency range because of its chemical and physical properties (eg. B. 2.4545 or 1.3922 (DIN standard), only by mixing the material directions, in the specific example by the use of is combined cylinders and flat disks.

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Mr. Shielding
January 09, 2018

Well, if I got this right - this idea needs a disc from one side, combined with the rings in between a second disc (probably welded) on the backend. I haven´t seen any similar shield in my career and have to admit that I have seen hundrets of different types including deep-drawn parts and cryogenic shields... I think the biggest benefit could be saving weight for large diameters on one hand - plus to save time during production as the diameter could be specified via standardization. Nevertheless you´d need an experienced team for the welding/stacking and fairly good final heat treatment under hydrogen I expect. Last but not least, this shape is pretty much too complex to just analyse the effect theroratically, so I personally would give a sample a go to see if it works... Curious to see what experts from Amuneal, VAC and Magnetic Shields say..


January 08, 2018

It seems that bundles of pipes are combined with disks on the face side in order to get a shielding effect. But the cope of protection is not clear enough to evaluate this utility patent. May be useful to get a low weight shielding in a low frequency environment.


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