The Missing Link

When our Founder Bastian was working as a Licensing Executive at Osram, he discovered something unbelievable: Less than 2% of all patents ever transact. R&D centers of companies and universities struggle to find game-changing applications and the best owners for their inventions. The Missing Link: Connections into the worldwide community of tech prodigies, industry experts, licensing executives and patent specialists.

Our Vision

We connect people with innovations. Corporations, research centers & startups can tap into the knowledge of our community and find out which invention excites people and which is powerful enough to disrupt an industry.

Patent Boost

Likes and reviews from our community boost your invention and attract buyers and licensees.

List Your Patent

Starting with the listing of your patent, the next up to three months are free of charge. Take your time getting to know us, reading reviews and connecting with the GoodIP community.

The Power of the GoodIP Community

If you like to get independent and diverse viewpoints about market readiness of early stage technology or market adaption of granted patents, we recommend that you list your patent for public reviews and ratings right away. Should you prefer, you can choose to check the ratings and reviews in advance. Just let us know.