Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I list my patent for review on

Your patent could get great reviews. This makes your patent visible, making it easier to get it sold. Or you can reduce IP costs if your patent gets a bad review or no reviews at all. Whether you abandon the patent is still up to you. But we believe that it helps to have the input from crowd review!

How do I list my patent for review on

Just try it out for free.

How much do I have to pay for the listing and the reviews?

The listing of your patent and the reviews are free of charge. Only if your patent gets sold or licensed within an agreed time frame, you pay us a fee and donate a part of the purchase price or license fee to the charitable projects chosen by the crowd.

I do not want to sell my patent. What can I do?

Contact us. We are also listing patents that the owner only wants to license to others. Even if you only want to showcase your patent, talk to us!

Can I Iist a patent applications on

Yes, you can also list a patent application on

Doesn’t my invention become public when I list it on

Yes, you can make your invention visible on This makes it easier to get it sold. If you are worried about protecting your rights, consult a patent attorney and file a patent application. That’s the reason we only accept patent applications or granted patens - and not mere ideas - for review on

Do I have to sell my patent when I receive an offer through

If you want to sell your patent, you can tell us your reserve price. We think that the highest offer you receive during the time your patent is listed should win, unless it is below your reserve or not a good faith offer. We are happy to send you a Patent Assignment Agreement template, from which you can see how we think a good faith offer looks like.

May I still practice my patent after I have sold it?

We think that it is standard that you get a license for your company in the Patent Assignment Agreement with the patent buyer.

Is GoodIP a crowd funding platform?

GoodIP is a patent recommendation platform. Anyone can post opinions of patent related issues, read patent related information and contact the owners of patents listed on

How do you ensure that my patent is not torn apart in a review?

We verify each review. No inappropriate or inaccurate comment will slip through the cracks.


Why should I review a patent?

First, because you can. We believe that we can change the world when we are building a community that knows, cares and talks about technology. Gone are the times when people were told not to comment on patents because of corporate rules and presumed lacking expertise.
Second, because you can find the hidden treasures, the golden nuggets, the needles in the haystack.
And third, because you can do good. When somebody is buying a patent through, part of the sales price is donated to charitable projects. You choose them when you review the patent.

Do I need to register to write a review?

You can post your review without registering.

What are the benefits of becoming a registered user?

You earn credits for every review: climb up the Smartass ladder from Newbie over Know-it-all to Real Smartass. And yes, get known for being a real technology geek or patent reviewer. You can register with the user name and profile picture you choose.

What kind of experts can post reviews?

If you have a view about one of the patents listed on, you are the right expert. Easypeasy.

Do I need to be a lawyer or a patent attorney to post a review?

We believe that anyone should have the chance to post a view about a patent listed on

Are you storing information about users?

We store only the user information (email address, user name, profile picture etc.) that you choose to share with us.


Are you tracking me when I check out the patents listed on GoodIP?

We leave you alone. You choose the information you would like to share with us when you contact us.

Why should I have a look at the patents listed on GoodIP?

GoodIP is a patent recommendation platform. Just like on a hotel recommendation platform, you can learn what others think about the hotels, ah shoot, the patents, listed on However, in contrast to a hotel booking, you can review the patent and decide for yourself if you want to bid for a patent before you had a bad night’s sleep in the hotel.

Why does crowd review of a patent matter?

Some of you may wonder if the crowd is up to review patents. Others of you may wonder why we need the crowd in addition to the reviews from internal engineers and lawyers. A short story may help: In May 1968, the U.S. submarine Scorpion disappeared after a tour of duty in the North Atlantic. The initial search area was a circle thirty kilometres wide and thousands of meters deep. Instead of asking one or two experts, the Navy officer John Craven assembled a large group of diverse and independent persons with a wide range of knowledge, including mathematicians, submarine specialists and salvage men. Craven aggregated their views to a collective estimate of the ship’s likely location. The submarine was found 200 meters from that estimate. In his book “The Wisdom of Crowds”, James Surowiecki pointed to two major criteria that give a crowd of experts a clear edge over individual experts: diversity and independence. This is what we want to achieve at GoodIP.

How can I bid for a patent listed for sale on GoodIP?

Just send an email to or fill out the bid form for the patent that is for sale to get in touch with us.

Can I chat with you before I submit a bid for a patent?

Sure, just call us.