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I live off grid in Alaska work in the fishing industry, I have commercial fished, been a dock crane operator, forklift driver, Hallibut table dancer processor, dock worker. My education is in criminal justice never really liked that. But I love fish everything about them from the gear to tanning the fish leather for winter art projects to the politics. I was extremely active in quirky where I got an invite to join with about 80 novel invention submissions and a lot of calibrations. Love creating new practical ideas.

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Timsta Automotive Patent Professional
Jordi Rafols Healthcare, Chemicals, Biotech, IoT, Smart materials, Environment, New Energy sources, Bateries, Robotics, 3D printing, Food & Beverages, Business Opportunity Analyst
Buggi electric mobility, power electronics, IoT, textile industry, many other new things around. Patent Professional
Conroy Innovation and emerging new technologies. Business Opportunity Analyst
Bastian Semiconductors Licensing Executive
Duraipandian Engineering, Sustainability Business Opportunity Analyst
Michi sport technique Patent Professional
AMS Blockchain Licensing Executive
Frank Energie Other
Konfetti Medical Patents Other
CDN_681 Augmented And Mixed Reality, Health Tech, Green Tech Business Opportunity Analyst
ofoenchenIP Automotive Patent Professional
Mimi Blockchain Business Opportunity Analyst
MAKAPO Computer Science, mobile technology Patent Professional
TheBee Blockchain, Neural Networks, Autonomous Driving Other
Martin Web, KI, robotics Other
Sepp IOT, lighting, AI Patent Professional
Magnus All and any Other
Steve Telecommunications, IoT, AI Business Opportunity Analyst
InaK all Licensing Executive
Thomas Medical physics Patent Professional
Airedale Energy from Plastic; Small Powerplants, Recycling, Scrap metal Other
natalie Battery, Robotics, Industrial Other
Hardik LiFi VLC LiFi Technology Expert
Philipp AI, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, VR Other
Robert Alderson Intellectual Property Patent Professional
Cristi OBER Telecom, Blockchain, AI, IoT Business Opportunity Analyst
Chripz IoT, Light Business Opportunity Analyst
DDao Energy, Automotive, Transport Technology Expert
Alice Blockchain Other
Matei Blockchain, Hyperloop, AI, Biotech, Crispr Patent Professional
Leonardo Machine Learning, Human Machine Interaction, IOT, Human Motion Analysis Technology Expert
Matthias AI/ML, Blockchain Other
Menteso Inc. Electronics, Communication, Semiconductors, Mechanical, Biology, Chemical Patent Professional
Carola Light, Semiconductors, IoT Patent Professional
Ronny blockchain, AI Other
MarisP Cleaning Technologies Other
David Luque Autonomous flights, Automotive, Future mobility Business Opportunity Analyst
Lisa Biotech, IoT, Green Tech Other
Darmas Art Technology Expert
Arvin Patent Licensing & Technology Transfer Licensing Executive
Richard Optics, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Technology, Fuel Cells, e-bikes Patent Professional
JanHenrikBusch Legal Technology, (AI), Knowledge Representation, Ontologies Technology Expert
Constant I like new innovations. with great unusual tech and speck Patent Professional
baltasar legal technology, AI, machine learning, energy grids, power generation, lighting, green tech Other
Aliah Healthcare, Assistive Technology, Remote Sensing Other
mikekwan automation, AI Other
ajaygautam Wireless Sensor networks, IoT, Patent Monetization/ licensing Patent Professional
Bernd Healthcare / Care Other
BorjaV TMT, Industrial, Manufacturing, E-commerce Licensing Executive
konold NFC, RFID, IoT, AI, i4.0 Technology Expert
Sjvouga Patent and licensing registrations Patent Professional
Tomisin Robotics Other
new user all Other
Sherman Light and Lighting, Med Tech, Emerging Technologies Patent Professional
Lamberto Coppa All Other
said.bilel Healthcare, autonomous driving, machine learning, IoT, embedded systems Technology Expert
Newwonda Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and many more Other
Pierre Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, 3d-Printing, VR, Robotics, IoT Business Opportunity Analyst
Francis John auto Other
Basavaraj Engineering, IT Patent Professional
ChristinaJ Semiconductors, Autonomous driving, Human-Computer Interaction Business Opportunity Analyst
Christine ai, IoT, cii, ip Patent Professional
Creator digital, digital, digital Other
BobC Materials Science, Lighting, Semiconductors Patent Professional
PerezForensics Forensic, biometric, DNA Other
Luis E-Mobility, Energy-related, Smart City, AI, Robots & Drones Business Opportunity Analyst
Akcharris All Other
Babs Go Sustainability solutions Other
rpalandri Artificial Intelligence, imaging, sensors, deep learning, IoT Technology Expert
Joshua Riederle Cameras, Video Cutting Software, Drones Other
Gotha Emerging techonolgies / Mobility / Collaboration Tools Other
Daniel AI, Autonomous Driving, Digitilization Patent Professional
Ange Ou Legal tech, Education Other
MaSte Rubber Application, Rubber Processing, New Technologies Technology Expert
Ms15Marshello Sony Entertainment Licensing Executive
imnvsh Network Coding, Quantum Computer Technology Expert
MichaelK Data visualization, Data integration, Blockchain, Business modeling automation, Artistic intelligence Business Opportunity Analyst
michaelgr Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, IoT Technology Expert
Ramona A. Artificial intelligence, creating an app for job search Other
Alex Augmented Reality, Medical Technologies Business Opportunity Analyst
feixj Neural Networks, Machine Learning Algorithms, Disruptive Innovation, E-Mobility Other
movoha Industrial Metrology, Lightweight Manufacturing, Data Mining, Company Building Business Opportunity Analyst
fpont Computer Science and Communication Systems Patent Professional
joseph20181225 need new invention Patent Professional
Peter Hertz Solar energy, energy saving, smart houses. Technology Expert
DannyCee CyberSecurity Other
kim01 car-device/parts production Other
Hechrib Blockchain, IoT, Legal Tech Other
DusIP Sustainability, Semiconductor, Computer, Optics Patent Professional
Archana Automobiles, Biotech, Electronic Design Automation, Chemicals, Semiconductors, Gaming, Healthcare, Materials, Mechanical, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor Packaging, Software, Internet of Things, Sensor Equipment, Home Automation, Gesture Control Patent Professional
MESLED Renewable Energy Sources Technology Expert
Sunde Everything Other
lloyd linder semiconductors, wireless, AMS/RF/imaging/high speed fiber optic integrated circuits Technology Expert
NADINE Robotics, AI Patent Professional
gt11918 Airplane Cabin Business Opportunity Analyst
DeepIP Semiconductors Other
newwater558 Electrical Components, Artificial Intelligence, 5G IOT Network Technology Expert
TommyH Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, IoT Other
NohidChougle All Technology Expert
Hannes52 deep cooling, plastics for automotive, woven fabric for automotive and architecture Other
AdamBaumli LED, Semiconductor, WLAN, Telecommunications Patent Professional
gmdguzman heterogenous integration Other
Jrphillips Electric utility, bulk power transmission, electricity generation, renewable energy, distributed energy resources Patent Professional
rungyan Semiconductor and software Technology Expert
Isabelle AR VR Other
Brian AI - NLP, Blockchain Patent Professional
Lynn LED,photoelectric Technology Expert
mablic Big Data Technology Expert
steelk Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Business Opportunity Analyst
Depla Detonation spraying Technology Expert