The Reason We Called It GoodIP

When somebody is buying a patent on GoodIP, part of the sales price is donated to one of these three charitable projects. You choose them when you review the patent.


The Peanut Solution!

Peanut paste - a life-saving food - is enough to bring a severely malnourished child back to health within three to four weeks. It’s made from peanuts, oil, sugar and skimmed milk enriched with plenty of vital nutrients and minerals. It requires no water, refrigeration or preparation and can be administered without any medical supervision. Peanuts can make a difference after all!

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Human Rights Watch

Educating Girls in Afghanistan!

HRW has worked with the Afghan government to develop innovative models that allow girls to study. Community-based education is a network of classes, held in homes that allow girls to access education in communities far from a school. Integrating these "community schools" in the government education system would be a lifeline for many young women.

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Viva con Agua

We love YoUganda!

Rural communities in Uganda receive clean drinking water through deep wells. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) committees are founded from within the community, thus the community can take charge of the water supply itself. Viva con Agua supplements many projects with art productions of local artists to get complicated and tricky content across easily while having fun doing so.

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