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Stealth Modus - Stealth RFAI Relevance Filter for AI Stealth 2019-09-17
Stealth Modus - Stealth EP2399010 Retrofittable Motor Oil Sensor Stealth 2019-09-17
Seoul Semiconductor - AL & AD US7235766 Autonomous Driving Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. 2019-06-10
Seoul Semiconductor - AL & AD US7321109 Adaptive Lighting Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. 2019-05-24
Seoul Semiconductor - GaN GaN RF GaN RF Power Electronics Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. 2019-05-24
Booosh - Carlson BOOOSH Unhackable Messaging Danny Carlson 2019-01-14
Climate Curtains - Hertz US20160153228A1 Climate Curtains Peter Hertz 2019-01-08
Parking - Begerano Yet to come How to Parallel Park Itzhak Begerano 2019-01-08
Toothbrush - Newbury US9943163 How to Avoid the Dentist John Newbury 2018-12-18
Socket - Fischer DE202018003109U1 911, What's Your Emergency? Horst Fischer 2018-12-13
Frame - Vestergaard EP3091879 Frame It, Baby! Stig Vestergaard 2018-12-13
Getting Up Device - Chen TWM566066 Helping the Elderly Kuan-Chun Chen et al. 2018-12-11
Iron - Tkachenko TBA Iron, You're so Fine Tkachenko 2018-12-06
Undeniable Signature - EPFL US7461261 Sign here, Online EPFL 2018-12-04
Layering - Jiranithikool Layering Make Plastic Organic Nichakan Jiranithikool et al. 2018-12-04
Zipper - Lang WO2018201173A1 Trinity's Life Hack Kimberly Lang 2018-12-04
Metal Chip Shredder - MBK EP3178560 Reducing Metallic Waste 2018-12-04
CPR - Na KR1020180122262 A Wearable That Saves Lives Yu-mi Na et al. 2018-12-04
New Tech - OSRAM EP2193576 Improving PCB OSRAM GmbH 2018-11-12
Lighting - OSRAM EP2206416 Dim the Lights OSRAM GmbH 2018-11-12
Stiffness Device - EPFL US10113537 New Healing of Bone Injuries EPFL 2018-11-06
Phone Holder - Schueller DE102012110286B4 Holding Device for Mobile Phones Michael Schüller 2018-10-25
Plotting - Hoffmann DE102013114752 A New Plotting Instrument Philipp Hoffmann 2018-10-19
RFID - Charrin US8640962 Optimizing RFID? Philippe Charrin 2018-10-19
Lottery Token - Gocky GB2537517 Revolutionizing the Lottery Robert Gocky 2018-10-19
Specimen Gathering - Perez US8506898 How Not To Contaminate DNA Vincent Perez 2018-09-11
Rail Gun - Torrizos US6622713 Rail Gun Thomas Torrizos 2018-09-04
Ice Cream Container - Pardell ES1195210U A Smart, Self-driven Food Container? Isabel Pardell et al. 2018-09-03
Pen Tip - Tirelli WO2018120980A1 The Alternative to the Apple Pen? Paolo Tirelli et al. 2018-08-27
Light Coupling - TU Berlin US9599782 Optoelectronic Device TU Berlin 2018-07-22
Light Coupling - TU Berlin US9537067 Radiation Emitting Device TU Berlin 2018-07-22
Video - TU Berlin US9159139 Method and device for processing pixels contained in a video sequence TU Berlin 2018-07-22
Video - TU Berlin US8958478 Method and device for processing pixels contained in a video sequence TU Berlin 2018-07-22
Video - TU Berlin US8743962 Reduce Video Data TU Berlin 2018-07-22
Video - TU Berlin WO2017129546A1 Processing Input Signals TU Berlin 2018-07-21
Lighting - OSRAM US9383073 Power Supply Modules Made Flexible OSRAM GmbH 2018-06-02
Lighting - OSRAM US9086210 Vary the Lights OSRAM GmbH 2018-06-02
Lighting - OSRAM US8890140 Glass in a Matrix? OSRAM GmbH 2018-06-02
Lighting - OSRAM US8937332 Changing Light with Phosphor OSRAM GmbH 2018-06-02
Lighting - OSRAM US9677719 Creating Unity with Phosphor OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-27
Lighting - OSRAM US9883560 Controller for a Phase Cut Dimmable LED Driver OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-26
Lighting - OSRAM US8456099 Better Gas Discharge Lamps OSRAM GmbH 2018-05-26
Components - OSRAM US9119299 Suppressing the Piezo Effect OSRAM GmbH 2018-04-30
New Tech - OSRAM US8901857 Wireless Lighting Module OSRAM GmbH 2018-04-30
Sensors - FU Berlin WO2016078788A1 Real Machine Learning Freie Universität Berlin 2018-03-12
GoodIP Videos SG Smart Glasses Not for sale 2018-03-12
GoodIP Videos BC Blockchain Not for sale 2018-03-12
Transmissions - Möve US20170320538A1 My Bike is Better than Yours Möve Bikes GmbH 2018-03-12
Components - OSRAM EP2238601 Inductor Cores 2.0 OSRAM GmbH 2018-03-06
New Tech - OSRAM EP2020102 LiFi Redefined OSRAM GmbH 2018-03-06